How do I fix broken or faulty links in my Aspire reading list?

Aspire reading list content needs to be checked once a year to ensure that it is functioning correctly, otherwise students may not have the easy click-through experience they expect. 

  • Items for physical resources in library stock, including books, DVDs and journals, should click through to the corresponding item in Primo.
  • Ebooks and online journal articles should have a View Online button which clicks through to the full text

  • Chapters and articles digitised by the Library should have a View Online button which clicks through to the full text on the Kortext reader

If you find a broken link, or a link which clicks through to the wrong destination, in your Aspire reading list 

  • add the item again, move to the same place in the list and delete the broken/faulty item. If there is a Note to student in the broken/faulty item, copy the message and paste it to the new item before deleting it.

If you go to Primo to add the item again and it is no longer in Primo

If you tried adding a new item for an ebook or online journal article because it doesn't have a View Online button, and the new item doesn't have a View Online button either

If you've requested a chapter or article for digitisation and there is no View Online button

  • click the Edit menu for the item - if there is an option to Request Digitisation, click it to notify us that you require digitisation

If it says Digitisation pending instead

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