How do I set up the monitor hub?

Monitor hubs are for use on staff desks in offices on campus.

They provide power, network, display and keyboard/mouse functions for any laptop connected to them via USB-C 

The Monitor hub comes with:

    • Monitor
    • Power lead
    • USB C cable

    • Wireless mouse
    • Wireless keyboard


Setting it up

    • Make a note of the MAC address and serial number of the Monitor hub:
    • Email this to so the Monitor Hub can be registered for use on the network
    • Plug the power lead into the back of the monitor
    • Plug the USB C cable into the back of the monitor 
    • Open the mouse - there is small indentation on one side so you can lever the top off:
    • Inside you will see a wireless dongle and space for a battery:
    • Remove the wireless dongle and insert into the USB port at the back of the monitor
    • Insert an AA battery  - positive side up  - into the mouse
    • Close the mouse
    • Open the back on the keyboard and insert two AAA batteries:
    • Plug the Monitor Hub into the electricity socket in your office.
    • Connect your network cable to the Monitor Hub
    • If you are using a headset in the office you can also plug this into the monitor hub 
    • Plug the other end of the USB C cable into the laptop. You do not need to plug in the power lead for the laptop - it will take it's power from the Monitor hub:
    • Turn on the keyboard:
    • Turn on the mouse


You are all set up 

The USB C cable displays the laptop image on the monitor. To use as a second monitor hold the Windows key on the keyboard and press P until it moves to Extend:

When you want to use your laptop elsewhere you can just unplug the USB C cable from the monitor hub, put laptop in your bag with the chrager and go.

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