How do I add documents to Blackboard? (Staff)

To build content in a module content area, turn Edit Mode to ON.

Screenshot of Edit Mode button in AberLearn Blackboard

Blackboard has many types of content you can use to build up a module including assessments (e.g. tests, assignments and surveys, interactive tools including Blogs, Wikis, group project areas) and all the basic content types including files, images and videos. 

Use the menus at the top of the content area to select the type of item you want to add. The most common item in the Build Content area is Item . Audio, Image, Video, and URL are also often used.

Screenshot of the 'Build Content' tab in Blackboard. The subsection 'Item' has been circled in the left-hand column.

You can also create folders to organise material. Before you add content to a module, think about the structure. It may be useful to cluster items by topic so that students can see everything that relates to the topic they are studying at the time.

  • Navigate to the content area to which you wish to add the file e.g. Content.
  • Click on Build Content
  • Select Content Folder
  • Type the name of the folder and then click Submit.

To add an Item to the course:

  • Navigate to the content area to which you wish to add the file e.g. Content.
  • Click on the Build Content button.
  • Select Item.
  • Type in the name of the item and any text that you wish to display in the text box.
  • If you wish to attach files, scroll down and click the Browse My Computer button, then navigate to the file you want to attach. Double-click on the file name to attach the file. You can attach as many files as you like to a single Item.

Screenshot of the 'Attachments' section in Blackboard edit mode. 'Browse My Computer' and 'Browse Course' buttons are visible under an 'Attach Files' subsection.

  • Click on Submit and the item will be uploaded to the content area.
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