What is Y Porth?

Y Porth offers a variety of Welsh-medium resources aimed at students in the Higher Education sector in Wales. Select one of the resources below for further information on how to access it:

Public Welsh-medium web-based HE resources

Are open to anyone and there is no need to register to access them.

Central repository of electronic resources for Welsh-medium

The central repository contains copyright restricted material, including collections of Welsh plays that have been digitised.

These resources are freely available to students registered at a Welsh University. To register for access:

Repository of terms used in HE

Repository of terms used in HE has been created as a result of the 'Terms for Higher Education' project, a two year project to develop subject dictionaries.

The current dictionaries include:

  • Creative Industries
  • Communications
  • Psychology
  • Woodland Management
  • Law

The number of subject fields will be extended over the two year project.

All the dictionaries are Welsh-English and English-Welsh and specialist terms are accompanied by a bilingual definition.

Collaborative modules

The collaborative modules on Y Porth are run by more than one institution and are only available to students who are registered at their institution for the specific modules.

Students need to register for the modules on Y Porth and in own their institution.

They do this in the same way as registering on any other modules in the university but their department needs to send their names and e-mail addresses to the E-Learning Team, as well as to the Academic Office so that we can grant them access to the modules.

What often happens is that these modules also appear on the Blackboard system but the only content will be a page with a link which redirects them to Y Porth. This page needs to be set up by the module coordinator.

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