How do I use CGI on my AU webpages?

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface and allows scripts to run through a Web browser.

To run scripts written in Perl (and some other scripting languages) at AU you will need to register as a CGI user on this page:

Once registered, you must do the following:

  • Start a terminal session to central ( How do I do that? )

  • Type mkdir cgi-bin to create a new cgi-bin folder in the root directory

  • Give the cgi-bin folder executable permissions ( How do I do that? )

  • Put the script you wish to run in the /cgi-bin/ folder

  • Give the script executable permissions ( How do I do that? )

  • Access the script from your Web Browser using one of the following URLs depending on account type:

    Account Type URL
    Staff/Student (xxx1) your-user-id / script-name .pl
    Office (xxxstaff) your-user-id / script-name .pl
    Web (xxxwww) your-user-id / script-name .pl
    or your-user-id / script-name .pl (secure)

    Replace your-user-id with your user id (e.g. xxx1) and script-name with the name of your script

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