How do I create forms on my AU web pages?

There are various ways of creating forms, either writing the form by hand in HTML or using a software package like Microsoft SharePoint Designer to do the work for you. However, in both cases, you will need to link to a piece of script to make the form work.

Creating your own script is time-consuming unless you are familiar with programming languages. To save you the time we have created a piece of CGI (Common Gateway Interface) script for use by AU Web Developers.

Please note that this script will only work on the AU computing system.

When the user completes the form this script processes the information and returns it, in the form of an email, to a specified email address.

To link to this script follow these instructions

  • Create your form
  • The start of the form should have the following information
  • Replace the word email with the email address of the person you want to receive the information input on the form.
    You only need to use the username , i.e., zzz, zzz1, zzz00; you don't need