How do I connect to the central printers? (Linux)

These instructions are for connecting to the print server directly using CUPS while connected to the University network. You can use the aber print service on if CUPS doesn't work or isn't available on your computer


On Ubuntu you must: 

  • Open System Preferences 
  • Select Printers
  • Click Add
  • Select Windows Printer via SAMBA and enter PAU/ into the address field (Replacing queue with either Colour or BlackAndWhite)
  • Enter your Aberystwyth Usernamer and Password and click forward
  • Now you will need to Download and save the following file PPD to your computer, unzip it and save it. 
  • At the Choose Driver window, select Provide PPD file, and navigate to the file that you saved previously and click forward
  • when promted to install extra components, click forward. 
  • You will need to repeat this process for both queues.


On other versions of linux, you must:

  • Download and save the following PPD file to your computer

  • Open your web browser and visit: http://localhost:631

  • Select the Administration tab

  • Enter your Local Username and Password
  • Select Add printer

  • Select Windows Printer via SAMBA and click Continue

  • For the device URI, enter smb://username:password@PAU/ replacing username:password with your own details and Queue with either Colour or BlackAndWhite

  • Give it a name (We suggest Colour or BlackAndWhite depending on the queue you are connecting to) and click Continue

  • Click Continue

  • On the Make/Manufacturer page, ignore the manufacturer selection box and use the Provide a PPD file option

  • Upload the PPD file you downloaded at the top of this FAQ

  • Click Add printer

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