How do I copy or move my module content in Blackboard? (Staff)

Individual items can be moved from one area to another within the same module, or to an area in any other Blackboard module you are teaching

This is a convenient way to reuse material without rebuilding the module by recreating each item:

  • move an entire folder with all of its contents.
  • re-organise the structure of a module after you have started building it.
  • delete items at the time of copying to avoid duplicate material in your module.

Copying or moving will not work with:

  • assessed items linked to the Grade Centre.
  • items that have adaptive release enabled.

You can copy material from one Blackboard module into another if you are an instructor in both courses ( How do I do that? )

To move or copy material

  • Log into the module you wish to move or copy from (source) and navigate to the piece of content you want to copy/move.
  • Click on the arrow next to the item and select Copy or Move.  Selecting Move will delete the original item, selecting Copy will ensure the original item remains.

  • If you want to move or copy the item to a different module, select the desired module from the Destination Course menu.

  • Click on Browse to locate the folder or content area where you want to put the item. This will bring up a pop-up window containing a course map.

  • Click Expand All to expand the map so that you can view all the subfolders. Click on a plus sign to expand just one folder.
  • Click on the name of the folder where you want to put the item.
  • Click Submit and OK.
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