How do I set up an automatic reply if I am out of the office? (Webmail)

In accordance with the bilingual policy of Aberystwyth University, you are required to set a bilingual tripnote. Below is an example you can use:

  • Ni fyddaf yn y swyddfa tan 15/08/2017. Os gwelwch yn dda anfonwch ymholiadau brys i ***
    I shall be away from the office until 15/08/2017. Please send urgent enquiries to ***

For more tripnote examples, please see 

  • Click View all Outlook Settings
  • Click Automatic Replies

  • Click the Automatic replies on button

  • Tick Send replies only during this time period if you wish to specify the duration of the automatic reply. Select the start date and time and the end date and time

You can also send automatic reply messages to senders who are outside of the University. This includes any email address which does not end in

  • Tick Send replies outside your organisation

  • Enter the text of your external automatic reply ( Which one do I need? )
  • Click Save

  • To turn off Automatic Replies, click the Automatic replies on button again

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