How do I request a thesis not held in Aberystwyth?

UK Theses
If you require a UK PhD thesis, check EThOS first. Ethos is the British Library electronic theses service. If the thesis you require is not on EThOS, login/register and send a request to the British Library for the thesis to be scanned.
For a variety of reasons certain PhD theses may be restricted and not available to be scanned. If the thesis is not available and you are asked to contact the awarding institution directly, place a request via the Document Supply Service and staff will request the thesis for you from the awarding university as a hard copy.

North American Theses
If not held at the British Library many North American dissertations are available for purchase from Proquest.
If you are unable to find an electronic copy of a thesis from outside the UK, place a request via the Document Supply Service. Staff will endeavour to find an institution that stocks the thesis, but cannot guarantee to be able to supply a copy.