How do I check if a student has viewed something in Blackboard? (Staff)

Review status is a feature that allows students to keep track of which items they have read or worked through, especially if there is a large number of content items. It can also be useful for students if core (required) content items have Review enabled, as this distinguishes between core and optional items and makes it easier for students to view all of the essential material for the module.

Review also allows instructors to see which items students have viewed, and therefore helps you to monitor student progress.

First, the instructor must enable review for specific items in the Blackboard module. Then students can mark which items have been reviewed, and instructors can see the review status in the performance dashboard.

  • Open the Content Area on which the desired item is listed, and click the arrow next to the Content Item.
  • Click Set Review Status.

  • Then select Enable and click Submit.

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