How do I create a Test or Survey in Blackboard? (Staff)

  • In the relevant module, go to the Control Panel > Course Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools, and click on Tests or Survey.

(Tests are sets of questions that are marked to measure student performance. Surveys are used for gathering data from students. Surveys are not graded and student responses are anonymous).

Blackboard control panel, highlighting course tools and tests,surveys and pools area and

  • On the next screen, click Build Test/ Build Survey.
  • Give your test or survey a name and add a description and/or any instructions for your students.
  • Click Submit to enter the Test or Survey Canvas.

Create/ add questions

Blackboard Test canvas area showing Create Question and Reuse Question tabs 

Reuse existing questions

You can select questions from existing tests, surveys and pools.

(A question pool is a collection of questions that can be re-used in multiple tests and surveys and are an effective way of organising your questions. To create and manage question pools, see How do I manage question pools in Blackboard Tests?

  • Go to the Reuse Question tab and select Find Questions.
  • Click on a test, survey or pool from the drop-down list to search for questions.
  • Select questions by checking the boxes on the left.
  • To add all questions, tick the box at the top.
  • Click Submit.

Find Questions area showing a question pool, and various questions selected


Create new questions

You can create questions directly into your new test or survey:

  • Click on Create Question and select the question type you want to add.
  • See the Blackboard guidance for information about each question type.
  • *If you are copying text from another source into the text box, first copy it into a plain text document (such as Notepad), to avoid any formatting and display issues*.
  • Add images into the question using the Insert Image button in the text editor area.
  • Click Submit.

Question text editor box highlighting the Insert Image button


Tests and surveys can be modified after creation (How do I do this?)

Tests and surveys can also be exported for use in another module. ( How can I do that? )

Once you have created your test or survey, you will need to deploy it to a content area (How do I do that?)

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