How do I link to a Panopto recording in Blackboard? (Staff)

To link to a Panopto recording in a content area of a Blackboard module:

  • Log into Blackboard and go to the module you want to add a recording to.
  • Go to the content area in Blackboard you want to add the recording to and make sure that Edit Mode is ON.
  • Click on the Tools menu at the top of the content area, and select Panopto Video Link.

  • From the folder list, select the module/folder that your recording is stored in. You can only see folders that contain content accessible by students on this module.
  • Once you have selected a folder select one of the recordings from the drop down list.
  • Add a title and description as necessary.
  • Press Submit and OK and the link will be added to the content area.

Note: All of the Panopto recordings for a module for an academic year may also be directly linked to, How do I do that?

  To share a Panopto recording with another module in Blackboard see: How do I share a Panopto recording with another module in Blackboard?

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