How do I connect my mobile device to the University wireless network? (Android)


  • Download the Eduroam CAT App from the Play Store
  • Find the config for Aberystwyth University, if it doesn't appear automatically use the manual search button
  • Tap install on the Aberystwyth Config, and login with your Aberystwyth email address and password.
  • When installed you should see a success screen with information about eduroam as well as your login info.



The menu screens for a specific Android device may vary slightly in terminology but the instructions are the same:

  • From your home screen navigate to your All apps / programs menu and Select Settings from the list
  • Select Wireless and networks
  • Turn your Wi-Fi on by ticking the Wi-Fi box
  • Select Wi-Fi settings

    Selecting Wireless settings
  • Select eduroam from the list of available networks

    Selecting eduroam
  • Select PEAP for the EAP method
  • Select MSCHAPV2 for the Phase 2 authentication or Sub type
  • Select Do Not Validate for Certificates
  • Enter your full University email address into the Identity box (with )
  • Leave the Anonymous identity box empty
  • Enter your normal University password into the Password box

    What settings should look like
  • Leave the rest unchanged and select Connect
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