How do I create a grading form in Turnitin? (Staff)

Grading forms can be used to create free form feedback and comments for each student based on each criteria. You can set the criteria, and then add individual comments for each student.

To create a new grading form:

  • In Blackboard, navigate to the module that holds the assignment.
  • Under Control Panel , click on Course Tools, then Turnitin Assignment.
  • Select the assignment that needs the rubric.
  • Click on Edit assignment.

  • Click on Optional Settings.

image to show option settings in Turnitin

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen until you see GradeMark.
  • Click on the Launch Rubric/Form Manager.

image to show the launch option for rubrics in Turnitin

  • In the new window that opens, click on the View available rubrics and rubric options button

image to show the view available rubrics button in Turnitin

  • Select Create new grading form
  • Then complete the criteria and descriptions depending on your rubric requirements
    • additional criteria can be added using the button
  • Click save to apply these changes to the rubric
  • Then add / association the rubric with an assignment ( How do I do that? )
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