How do I check and change the recording level on a microphone when using Panopto? (Staff)

Note: Low sound levels on Panopto recordings may be caused by a low recording level on the microphone used.

To check and change the recording level on a microphone when making an Panopto recording:

  • Open the Panopto recorder
  • Sign in using your AU username and password
  • Check if there is any activity on the microphone by talking into it, and watching the digital bar. If the microphone is receiving correctly the green/yellow/red bars should illuminate.
    Screenshot of the digital bar which represents microphone activity. The illuminated green bars are circled.
  • If this does not happen, click on the downwards arrow next to Audio to select the appropriate microphone.

Screenshot of the digital bar, with the downwards arrow circled in the bottom right-hand corner.

  • Once a microphone is selected, talk into it and there should be activity on the coloured bar. Two or three green bars are usually sufficient.
  • If there is still no activity, check that the microphone is switched on by checking to see whether the green light on the microphone is turned on.
  • If it is on and there is still no or little activity, right mouse click on the loudspeaker icon Image of the loudspeaker icon. in the bottom right of the screen.


  • Recording devices

Screenshot of a list of recording devices which are available to select.

  • your microphone from the list
  • Properties
  • Levels

Screenshot of a slider which can be altered to determine the recording level. The level is set far over on the left of the slider.

In the above example the slider is very low and the value is set to 9. To increase the recording level drag the slider up until the value is above 90 and click:

  • OK and OK again to set the microphone level.

Return to Panopto and check the levels on the coloured audio bar as  above.

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