How can I make sure I don't lose my work?

To try to ensure that you do not lose your work we recommend that you:

  • Work off OneDrive as you can restore a previous version of a file stored in OneDrive (How do I do that?)
  • Name and save your document as soon as you start work. If your computer crashes for any reason Windows will try to recover your document. If you have never saved - it can't.
  • Save regularly as you work.
  • Work on a draft copy of any important document, for example your dissertation and keep your original intact.
  • Remember that on public workstation computers, the Documents (Data D:) folder is deleted regularly so if you don't copy your files to your University filestore before you logoff you will lose them ( How do I do that? )
  • NEVER work directly off a USB pen drive. 
  • Don't trust to one type of media to transport documents created at home to campus. Email it to your University email address, bring it on CD/DVD/USB drive and print it out.
  • Make sure you back up documents stored on any portable device (USB drives, CD/DVDs) in case you lose it. ( How do I do that? )
  • Make sure you always have more than one copy of any file, stored in different place.

All of the above are recommendations based on situations that have happened with users in the past

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