How do I use the microfilm reader in Hugh Owen?

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This page provides instruction on using Canon Roll/Fiche Carrier 200 reader.

To set up the reader for a 16mm or 35mm film or an M Type cartridge:

  • Switch the reader and the printer on. The printer power button is on its right side and the reader power button is on the front
    location of power buttons
  • Move the fiche carrier to the left until it stops. If it is not moved all the way to the left it will not work.
    move fiche carrier to the left

Make sure the glass plate is located directly underneath the lens. Carefully pull the lens out - do not force it.
pull lens out carefully

Pull the roll carrier towards you until it is in the position shown on the picture below:
pull roll carrier towards you

  • Make sure that the dot on the large wheel on the external control panel is aligned with the dot on the panel itself
  • Load the film roll onto the spindle. Make sure the spindle position matches the hole in the roll
    spindle roll positioning
  • Secure the film in place by pushing the lock down clockwise
    push lock downwards to secure
  • Align the selector lever with the width of the film used (16 or 35 mm)
    align selector 16 or 35mm
  • Manually unwind a small section of the film and push it under the guide roller and in between the two glass plates until it reaches the take-up reel on the other side
    thread film through guide roller
  • Use the blue button to feed the film onto the take-up reel
  • You may have to pull the film from another side with your fingers in order for it to be caught by the mechanism correctly
  • Gently hold the film on the roll in place as pressing the blue button too often may cause it to wind back on

feed film onto takeup reel

Turn the large wheel on the control panel to the right slightly so that the take-up reel starts picking up the film

  • Choose the correct lens for viewing your microfilm. If it does not magnify enough, try a different lens.
    choose correct lens
  • Push the carrier back until the glass is under the lens holder

Carefully push the lens into the holder. Make sure the metal wires are aligned otherwise the reader will not operate
align metal wires

  • You may need to lift the lens slightly out of the holder so that it doesn't catch the edge of the glass plates
  • Push the lens in firmly until it clicks
    push lens in unti it clicks
  • Push the carrier back so that the film is positioned under the lens (you may be able to see it on the screen)
  • You are now ready to view the film
  • When you have finished:
    • Rewind the film back to its roll
    • Pull the film roll carrier out
    • Undo the lock and take the film off the spindle
    undo lock and take film off spindle
    • Take the lens out
    • Push the carrier back
    • Push the lens back in
    • Switch off the printer and the reader

Using the control panel to view the microfilm

  • Many buttons are duplicated on the reader itself. Please use the external panel if not confident.
    external control panel


The Control wheel allows you to zoom in and out, rotate the image or to adjust the focus (located on the side of the panel)


Allows you to switch between ZOOM, FOCUS and ROTATE options (located on the side of the panel)


This section of the control panel indicates which of the above options is currently selected

Printout options

This section controls the printout options. When printing something, make sure the middle option is selected by pressing the button the required amount of times