I've added books and other items to My Bookmarks in Aspire - how do I add them to my Aspire reading list?

  • Sign in to Aspire ( How do I do that? )
  • Click My Bookmarks
  • Click the Action menu next to the item you want to add
  • Click Add to list

The Add to list form will open

  • Find and select the list you want to add the item to by typing in the module code or clicking on it from those displayed
  • Under Add bookmark, you can choose whether to place the item at the top or at the bottom of the reading list or list section. You can always rearrange your list later
  • Click the Sections menu if you have created sections in your reading list and want to select a destination section for the item e.g. Week 1 Seminar or Week 1 Lecture
  • You MUST select the importance of the book as [Essential] or [Further reading] (Why is this important?)
  • Add any notes for your students
  • Add any notes for library staff
  • Click Add to list

You must republish the reading list to enable students to see the item you've added (How do I do that?)

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