What is different for staff in the new version of Turnitin?(staff) 

Whilst marking tools, the feedback studio, and the settings you choose to create Turnitin submission points remain the same, there are some significant changes to Turnitin’s new LTI: 

  • To create a Turnitin submission, you need to click on Build Content and select Turnitin in Blackboard 
  • The interface to create your Turnitin submission point and choose your settings is different 
  • You will now click on the Turnitin submission point to access the Turnitin inbox to mark assignments 

There is a new analytics dashboard for staff to gain an overview of assignments submitted to their submission point. 

The new analytics feature includes: 

  • A submission timeline  
  • Number of submissions and resubmissions 
  • Variety of sources 
  • The number of students who have viewed their feedback 

Further information on Turnitin analytics’ dashboard is available on the Turnitin Analytics Dashboard webpage.  

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