How do I create a Turnitin submission point in Turnitin? (staff) 

Go to the module in Blackboard and click Assessment and Feedback on the left-hand menu. 

  • Select Build Content and Turnitin Assignment 

 Build Content menu in Blackboard module with Turnitin Assignment highlighted

  • A screen will load called Launch LTI Link, before the Turnitin creation page appears 

 Turnitin submission point creation screen with: Title, Instructions, Enable PeerMark, Max Grade, Start Date, Due Date, Feedback Release Date. Each field has got a question mark which can be hovered over to provide further information.

  • Enter the assignment’s name in Title 

  • Enter Max Grade – normally this is 100 

  • Enter any instructions in Instructions 

  • Enter a Start Date and Time. This is when the assignment submission point becomes available for students to submit their assignments to.  

  • Enter a Due Date and Time. This is when students must submit their submission by. 

  • Enter a Feedback Release Date. This was called the Post Date before but is the time and date that feedback and marks are released to students. With anonymous marking, this is also the point at which you can ascertain the authors of the assignments.

  • Under Optional Settings tick Enable Anonymous Marking. Marks will not feed through to the Grade Centre until the Feedback Release Date.

  • If you are not using Anonymous Marking hide the Grade Centre column. Marks will feed through to the Grade Centre before the Feedback Release Date. Unhide the Grade Centre column once the Feedback Release Date has passed.

  • For further advice on Optional Settings please see our Quick Start Guide to Turnitin. 

  • Click Submit and you will see the submission point in the area on Blackboard: 

 Successfully created Turnitin submission point. The icon for the new version of Turnitin is different from before

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