How do I set up a translation channel in a Teams meeting?

  • Create your Teams meeting and invite your attendees including your translator
  • Open the Teams meeting and select Meeting Options:

Microsoft Teams meeting with Meeting options highlighted

  • A browser window will open
  • Scroll down to Enable language interpretation and toggle to Yes
  • Enter the interpreter's username in the search for interpreter field (note you need to have invited them to the meeting to be able to select them)

search for interpreters item with dropdown

  • From the Source Language choose Welsh* from the drop-down menu. For the Target Language choose English.
  • Press Save
  • At the beginning of the Teams meeting, remind attendees that an interpreter is on the call and they are welcome to speak in Welsh. Direct attendees that require interpretation to the interpreter channel (instructions below).

* In Wales, simultaneous translation is normally from Welsh to English in order for Welsh speakers to contribute to meetings/events in the language of their choice. However, in special circumstances, such as when dealing with complaints or disciplinary matters, or in situations involving personal welfare or interest, the Centre for Welsh Language Services also provides a simultaneous translation service from English into Welsh.

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