Why are we moving to Blackboard Ultra?

There are several reasons as to why we are moving to Ultra.  

Blackboard is changing the way we connect to other services (such as Turnitin and Panopto). Ultra provides a more seamless integration with other services, using a method called LTIs. One LTI that you have already come across is the Turnitin LTI. 

The move to Ultra also means we benefit from updates and fixes to the Blackboard environment.  

Our user surveys (Digital Insights and IS User Survey) shows that more of our service users are using mobile devices and tablets to access and work on our VLE. Ultra offers a better user experience for mobile users.   

The move to Ultra will give us the opportunity to re-evaluate how we create and organise our content in our Blackboard modules as well as ensuring a consistent approach to content organisation.  

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