How do I use the central printers to scan a document?

  • Log in to the printer (How do I log in to the central printers?)
  • Press Scan
  • Choose email or filestore depending on where you would like the scanned document to be sent
    • For Email you can change the name of the file and the subject line for the email
    • *For Filestore the file will be saved to your personal filestore (M drive) in a folder called Scans. The scanned files will be saved as “scan." followed by a number
    • For OneDrive the scans will be stored in OneDrive in the 'Apps' folder and then the 'Scans for PaperCut MF' folder. You will be sent an email to confirm that the scan has been sent to your OneDrive. - The first time you try this you will have to authorise scanning to OneDrive, this authorisation will come in the form of an email. Simply click the link in the email and click 'Accept'.
  • Place your page on the glass or in the feeder
    • Place pages one at a time on the glass if you would like to scan a single side at once
    • Place pages in the feeder if you are scanning multiple pages at once
  • Press Scan
  • Once the scan is completed, place the next page(s) for scanning and press Scan More to scan more pages
  • Otherwise press Send to have the newly scanned file sent to your email/filestore

*This option is only available to AU staff and students

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