Use of USB data storage devices

Each year Aberystwyth University is audited to ensure the adequacy and implementation effectiveness of its controls to govern,  identify, detect, and protect from cyber security incidents and breaches.

The auditors have identified the use of USB storage devices as a potential risk as these could lead to malicious software being transferred onto the University’s network or individuals transferring sensitive information outside of the University.

To ensure compliance with the IT regulations, the use of USB storage devices will be disabled for staff in departments according to the following schedule:

PS03 Student Services 23 July 2024
SD01 Academic Registry 9 July 2024
SD09 Communications and Public Affairs 6 August 2024
SD20 Finance Office 18 June 2024
SD25 Human Resources 11 June 2024
SD26 Information Services 4 June 2024
SD30 Planning Office 16 July 2024
SD36 Vice Chancellor's Office 25 June 2024
SD52 Governance 2 July 2024

Hardware that uses USB connections will continue to work, e.g. headsets, microphones, keyboards, mice.

Staff who need to use USB data storage as no other solution is available can ask their Head of Deaprtment to request an exemption using the online form

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