Printer replacement

The central printers will be replaced with new devices in the coming weeks

Schedule of deliveries is as follows:

mfd001 LEVEL E STAFF AREA Hugh Owen Library Delivered
mfd002 Level D  Hugh Owen Library Delivered
mfd004 Level D   Hugh Owen Library Delivered
mfd005 Iris de Freitas Hugh Owen Library Delivered
mfd006 Level F Hugh Owen Library Delivered
mfd007 Y Sgubor Fferm Penglais 15/07/2024
mfd009 Llandinam THINK TANK Llandinam Building Delivered
mfd010 Physical Sciences Building PHYSICS LIBRARY Penglais Campus 22/07/2024
mfd012 3.26 Interpol Building Delivered
mfd013 Ground Floor  Pwllpeiran building Delivered
mfd014 Rosser LOUNGE Penglais Campus Delivered
mfd015 PJM Lounge   15/07/2024
mfd016   The Workstation Delivered
mfd017   Hugh Owen Library Delivered
mfd019 Hugh Owen B47 Hugh Owen Building Delivered
mfd020 Stapledon RECEPTION Stapledon Building 22/07/2024
mfd021 AIEC BUILDING AIEC Building (innovation & Enterprise Campus) 22/07/2024
mfd022 Hugh Owen ROOM A2 Hugh Owen Building Delivered
mfd025 AIEC OFFICES  Reception  0.04 AIEC Building (innovation & Enterprise Campus)  22/07/2024
mfd026 Admin Office  Y Sgubor 15/07/2024
mfd027 STORES Stapledon Stapledon Building 22/07/2024
mfd028 0.32 Llanbadarn Elystan Morgan Building Delivered
mfd029 Hugh Owen C45 Hugh Owen Building Delivered
mfd032 Hugh Owen D68 Hugh Owen Building Delivered
mfd033 1.15 Interpol Building Delivered
mfd039 Cledwyn G15 Penglais Cledwyn Building Delivered
mfd041 Llandinam B18 Llandinam Building Delivered
mfd043 William Davies 143 William Davies Building 22/07/2024
mfd044 Edward Llwyd  2.10 Penglais Campus Delivered
mfd045 Cledwyn ROOM 1.13 Penglais Cledwyn Building Delivered
mfd046 Physical Sciences Building 2.37 Penglais Campus Delivered
mfd047 Llandinam B58a Llandinam Building Delivered
mfd049 Healthcare Education Centre  OFFICE AREA Penglais Campus Delivered
mfd050 MAIN OFFICES Penglais Arts Centre Delivered
mfd051 Llandinam C62a Llandinam Building Delivered
mfd054 1.15 Penbryn Block 5 Delivered
mfd057 2nd Flr Stapledon  Stapledon Building 22/07/2024
mfd060 1.24 Carwyn James 15/07/2024
mfd061 Edward Llwyd 1.12 Penglais Campus Delivered
mfd062 Gwendoline Rees  0.23 Penglais Campus Delivered
mfd064 PT Thomas 117 PT Thomas Building 22/07/2024
mfd065 Parry Williams  RECEPTION OFFICE Penglais Campus Delivered
mfd066 G05 Student Welcome Centre building Delivered
mfd068 GROUND FLOOR  Penglais Unit 12  Science park   Penglais Campus Delivered
mfd069 1.60 Student Welcome Centre building Delivered
mfd073 Llandinam CAREERS OFFICE Llandinam Building Delivered
mfd074 Visualisation H.R 1st Floor  Penglais Campus Delivered
mfd075 Reception  Edward Davies Building  Delivered
mfd077 Visualisation VC OFFICES 1st Flr  Penglais Campus 22/07/2024
mfd079 Parry Williams 2.07 Penglais Campus Delivered
mfd080 Security Office Porter's Lodge 15/07/2024
mfd082 PENBRYN Residential Services Corridor Office Residential Services Penbryn Delivered
mfd083 3.12 Penbryn Block 5 Delivered
mfd084 Sports Hall  1ST FL OFF KITCHEN Penglais Campus Delivered
mfd086 2.12 Penbryn Block 5 Delivered
mfd087 FOYER Pantycelyn Delivered
mfd088 CWRT MAWR  Block L 1.02 Penglais Campus Delivered


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