I want to add a book in Primo to Aspire but it has no ISBN - what can I do?

  • The lack of an ISBN in a bibliographic record of an item you wish to add to Aspire may cause problems with the transfer of its data. For example, the item comes up as a webpage when in fact it is a book.

  • It is best to use the MMS ID when this happens.

  • You need to add the Aspire bookmarklet tool to your browser first (How do I do that?)

  • Open the Primo record you want to use, then click on the Aspire bookmarklet tool in your browser (Add to My Bookmarks). 

  • Under the Details section of the Primo record, copy the MMS ID

  • At the bottom of the bookmarking (left) section of the screen next to Lookup:, choose LCN from the drop-down box.

  • Paste the MMS ID into the blank field beside it, then click on the Lookup button:

  • The correct record data will be imported.

  • You can then check the details and if correct, select Create or Create & Add to List to save it.

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