How do I share Panopto recordings from one module with another module in Blackboard? (Staff)

Sometimes more than one module may wish to use the same recordings or a recording used in a previously taught module may also be used in a current module.

To share Panopto recordings from one module with another module in Blackboard, log into Blackboard, go to the module you wish to share your recordings with and select:

  • Tools
  • Panopto Content
  • Re-Configure

From the available folders, select the module(s) that have the recordings you want to share, and click:

  • Add
  • When you have added the module(s) and they appear in the Selected Folders column, click Submit and OK
  • The folders and the recordings you have shared will now appear in the Panopto Content list, accessible from the Tools menu.
  • Note that subfolders will also have to be added to the selected folders section. 
  • You can now add the selected recordings from the original module into the content area of this module, How do I do this? . The correct permissions for student viewing will be added automatically.


If you only wish to share selected recordings from another module you will need to hide the Panopto Content link in the Tools menu (How do I do that?). This prevents students accessing all of the recordings from the shared module.

You may then make specific recordings available to students through the content area (How do I do this?)

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