What should I do if my University wireless connection isn't working?

If your wireless connection isn't working make sure:

  • the wireless card is switched on and enabled
    • There may be a key on your keyboard that turns your WiFi on/off
  • you have activated your email account. If you haven't you need to do so first
  • you have waited at least 5 minutes from first connecting and have turned Wi-Fi off and on again on the device.
  • you are entering your user name as your full full Aberystwyth University email address e.g. abc1@aber.ac.uk
  • you are using the correct password
  • your settings are correct. You can do this by following the Manual setup instructions:
  • you have restarted your computer

You should also check:

If you continue to have problems connecting please contact Information Services or bring your laptop to the Help Desk

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