How do I hide a grade centre column? (Staff)

The grade centre is made up of a number of different columns, including Total , Weighted Total , and then any assignments you have created. The Total column will automatically pick any grades that you have entered into your assignment columns (unless you have specifically turned this feature off).

When using TurnItIn to provide grades and feedback, the date that the feedback is released to a student is controlled by the PostDate.

However, if you are using Blackboard Assignment, or adding grades manually into the grade centre, there may be times that you want to hide this information from students until all the information has been uploaded.

For a standard Grade Centre Column, click on the arrow next to the column name and select Hide From Students (on/off):

For a Total column, you have to edit column information to find this setting:

Once in the Edit Column Information screen, scroll down to Options, and select Show this Column to Students:
image to show the hide from users option in AberLearn Blackboard

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