How do I set up GlobalProtect VPN (Mac)?

These instructions are only for personally owned devices. University managed devices can install GlobalProtect from the Self Service Portal

  • You should check if your operating system is compatible on the Global Protect Compatability page
  • Download GlobalProtect agent for Mac
  • Follow the installation guide
  • Set Portal address to

  • Enter your Aberystwyth email address and password

  • You will need to allow GlobalProtect to run in the security settings on your Mac before authenticating.
    • Open System Preferences
    • Open Security and Privacy
    • Click Allow Global Protect to run at the bottom of the screen

Sign in

  • You will be prompted to complete your 2-step verification to log in. This is the same authentication you use for your University email account


Please note: The GlobalProtect App collects data on your operating system. We collect this information to profile devices connecting to our network for security purposes. This includes checking that the operating system and installed software are up to date and anti-virus protection is enabled.

Please see the GlobalProtect documentation for full details on what data the GlobalProtect App collects on each operating system:

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