How can I spot if an email I have received is genuine or not?

The following may be helpful when deciding whether an email is genuine or not:

  • look at the address the email came from - is it from an Aber email address? If not take extra care.
  • is it bi-lingual? Official AU communications should be bi-lingual. If not take extra care.
  • if the website asks you to login, check the website is legitimate
  • are there spelling and grammatical errors? If so take extra care.
  • is it offering you something for nothing - money, jobs, holidays? If so take extra care.
  • is the email pressuring you to do something urgently? If so take extra care.
  • if an email includes an attachment you are not expecting, take extra care.

The following is an example of a phishing email:

If you are ever unsure about an email appearing to come from someone at Aberystwyth University you can forward the email with full headers to who can check to see if the email is genuine before you respond.

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