How do I install a softphone (Jabber) on my PAU domain computer?

You will need

  • to be a member of AU staff registered to use a VOIP phone
  • a sound card 
  • speakers/microphone or a standard headset/microphone. These are available to purchase from Information Services.

To install the software:

  • Make sure that Cisco Jabber is installed from Company Portal
  • Log in using your AU email address and password.
  • If you receive any popups you should click Accept
  • After logging in, click the computer screen or phone icon at the bottom left and select Use my computer for calls

    Cisco Jabber settings
  • To ensure that Jabber opens when you log in to the computer, go to Settings:
  • And tick the option Start Cisco Jabber when my computer starts:
    Jabber settings autostart

Check that Jabber is using the correct speakers/microphone

  • Choose Settings from the Menu icon:
  • Select Audio
  • Select your preferred option from the drop down box
    Jabber Audio settings
  • Click OK
  • Note - Jabber may default to your inbuilt speaker/microphone when you logout so you may have reset this   


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