How do I set up GlobalProtect VPN (Linux)?

  • Download global protect for linux from software download page here
  • Make sure to choose the appropriate package for your version of Linux once you have unpackaged the tar file. You will need to install the GUI version of GlobalProtect or you won't be able to authenticate when connecting. Select the file with UI in the name
    • .deb files are used on Debian and Ubuntu
    • .rpm files are used on RedHat
  • Install the GUI Version of the GlobalProtect app:
    • For Debian and Ubuntu, use the sudo apt-get install command
      • e.g. sudo dpkg -i GlobalProtect_UI_deb-
  • After installing, GlobalProtect should open automatically. Enter the portal address and connect
  • Log in with your full University email address and password
  • You will be prompted for the same 2-step authentication you use for your email
  • For full, manual instructions, please see the Palo Alto documentation page


Please note: The GlobalProtect App collects data on your operating system. We collect this information to profile devices connecting to our network for security purposes. This includes checking that the operating system and installed software are up to date and anti-virus protection is enabled

Please see the GlobalProtect documentation for full details on what data the GlobalProtect App collects on each operating system:

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