How do I connect to my work computer with the Remote Desktop facility?

You can use the Windows remote desktop facility to connect to your office computer from another computer, as long as both are connected to the University network either on campus or from home using VPN

Before you leave campus:

  • Enable Remote Desktop on your office PC so it will allow you to connect to it:
    • Enable Remote Desktop from the Software Centre by clicking Install ( How do I do that? )
    • If you receive a message that it isn't available, click the Installation Status tab on the left, select Enable Remote Desktop and then click Uninstall. You can then try installing it using the step above again
  • Find your computer's device name by copying the Device Name from the About Settings by clicking this link
    • Your device name should be WS followed by four numbers e.g. WS1234
  • Find your computer's address by adding "" to your Device Name. If your Device name is WS1234 then you should use
  • Do not turn off your computer. It will need to be turned on and connected to the network for remote desktop to work
  • Check your computer's address appears under your list of devices by logging in to
    • If your devices doesn't appear on this page, contact Information Services and provide your computer's address ( How do I do that? )

When you are off campus:

  • If you are trying to use remote desktop from home you need to set up the VPN connection first ( How do I do that? )
  • Connect to VPN using the GlobalProtect program
  • Log in to
  • Click the Wake button next to your computer. Your computer will have gone to sleep while it was unattended
  • Click the Remote Desktop icon next to the Wake button for your computer name to download a shortcut. You can run/open this shortcut to connect to your computer
  • If you have any problems with the shortcut above then you can run Remote Desktop manually:
  • Click the start button
  • Scroll down and click on Windows Accessories then Remote Desktop Connection
  • Type in the address of your computer and click Connect
  • You will be asked for a user name and password
    • Your username should be PAU\username e.g. if you username is abc1 then you should enter PAU\abc1


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