Can I recall an email I have sent in error?

If you have sent an email in error you are able to recall it if:

  • You are an Exchange user
  • The recipient is an AU Exchange user
  • The email in the recipient's mailbox is marked as Unread

To recall an email:

  • Open Outlook
  • Open your Sent items folder
  • Find the email you wish to recall
  • Open the message by double-clicking it so it opens in another window
  • File > Info
  • Select Message Resend and Recall

    Recalling a message in Outlook 2010
  • Then select Recall This Message
    Message that appears when a user selects recall a message in outlook 2007
  • You can choose to:
    Delete unread copies of this message option - you will receive an email confirming this was successful
    Delete unread copies and replace with a new message option - this will recall the message for 
  • Then click OK
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