I teach the same content in different modules - do I have to create a new list for each module in Aspire?

To save time, you can use the same list for two or more modules in Aspire if

  • the modules have the same reading list AND are being taught in the same semester

To do this

  • Link the list to the hierarchy for all the module codes ( How do I do that? )

  • Amend the list name to include all the module codes, and module titles if they differ ( How do I do that? )

  • If you have linked the Welsh medium equivalent of a reading list in English (or vice versa) ensure that any additonal text in the reading list is provided in both Welsh and English e.g. the module title, section titles, notes to students

The other option is to copy the list ( How do I do that? ) and amend the module.

This would be suitable e.g. if modules could use the same list but are taught in different semesters, or if you wanted to provide seperate monolingual lists for English and Welsh medium versions of a module.

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