How do I make a recording using Panopto? (Staff)

To make a recording using Panopto:

  • Wait until Panopto opens automatically when you log onto the teaching machine (Panopto can also be opened by clicking on the Panopto icon on the desktop).
  • When you see the Panopto Complaince Guidlines tick 'I Agree' and click Next.

Compliance Guidlines Panopto

  • Untick 'Remember me' and sign in using your AU username and password.

You will be taken into Panopto to start recording.

Check that the settings are correct:

  • Video: leave as None
  • Audio: set to Neck Mic and check that at least two of the audio bars are highlighted.  Move the slider to increase the level of the recording

  • Quality: Standard


  • the folder icon to see your modules.
  • the module you want to add the recording to.

Note: The folder defaults to the folder you last made a recording in.

  • Add New Session next to the appropriate module.
  • Type a name for the recording in the Session Name box

  • Press Record and minimise the recorder.

Note: If you use PowerPoint as part of your presentation, open your PowerPoint presentation before you start recording. Leave PowerPoint open without starting the slide show.  You can start the show once you have started your recording.

  • You can now go to PowerPoint and start your slideshow.
  • If you start PowerPoint through the recorder you can choose whether to start the recording automatically when PowerPoint starts.  This avoids the first few seconds of the recording being the transition from the recorder to PowerPoint.
  • You can Pause the recording if needed. When you have finished recording, click Stop.
  • The system will then automatically start uploading the recording to the server. Once this has been completed, you will be sent an email.
  • You can now log out of the recorder and the computer.

Note: You can also make Panopto recordings on your own computer. See How do I install Panopto onto my own computer? (Staff)

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