How do I back up my files?

Information Services does not recommend that you store documents on local or external hard drives or USB drives. If you do, you should ensure that you regularly make a back up copy and do not rely on a single copy.

Back up options for current students and staff

  • OneDrive
    Students and staff have 1TB of cloud storage for their emails and files within their Office 365 account. Users are able to revert to previous versions of files and restore deleted files for up to 93 days. More information on using OneDrive
  • University Personal Filestore (M drive)
    Students and staff have 10 GB of storage on their personal filestore (M drive). Your M drive is automatically connected when you login in to any University computer connected to the AU network. Your M drive is regularly backed up by Information Services. More information on your University Filestore

Students and staff leaving Aberystwyth University

Staff and students leaving Aberystwyth University will no longer have access to their M drive or OneDrive. You will need to copy any files you wish to keep elsewhere. If you are copying to an external drive, you shoul not rely on a single drive for long term storage. Make sure you keep multiple copies of your backups:

  • Personal Cloud storage e.g. iClolud, Dropbox
    Some services offer free storage up to a certain limit but then become paid services. The amount of storage you need wil depend on the size of the files you need to back up
  • External hard drive
    The storage capacity varies. Departments are able to purchase external hard drives for their members of staff through
  • USB drive (temporary storage)
    We don't recommend USB drives for long term backup storage but they are useful for transferring files to another computer
    The storage capacity varies. Pen drives can be used on any computer with a USB port. Pen drives are available for purchase from Information Services. ( How do I save a document on my USB drive? )


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