How do I use a single projection teaching room? (Staff)

To use a single projection teaching room, other than the Hugh Owen C22:

  • Check that the computer screen is on.  If it is off, press the button on the lower right-hand side of the screen to turn it on.
  • On the control panel on the teaching station

Note: Although some control panels are touch screen they contain the same options and features.


    • Display On

    • Press here to begin

  • Log on to the computer as usual.

Note: The computer screen is a touch-screen and the black up and down arrow button at the front of the teaching station may be used to adjust its height.

At the end of a lecture:

  • If used, return the neck microphone to its charging station
  • Log off the computer
  • Turn the projector off. On the control panel on the teaching station select:
    • Display Off

    • Power Down

The telephone in the room connects automatically to the IS Workshop after 5 seconds. Wait to be connected and explain you are in a teaching room and require assistance.

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