How do I connect a tablet / mobile device to a teaching room machine?

This workflow involves joining a Teams meeting on your tablet / mobile device and the teaching room PC.

  1. Before your teaching session, ensure that Teams is installed on your mobile device and you are logged in.
  2. Before the teaching session, create a Teams meeting in Outlook or Teams to run at the same time as your teaching session. You don’t need to invite anyone to it – you can leave the Required field blank. 
  3. At the start of your session, start the Teams meeting on your mobile device and on the teaching room machine. As you will be joining the meeting from 2 different devices, make sure that you select Add this device on the second device. 
  4. On your mobile device select Share Screen
  5. Ensure the Teams interface is displaying on the display screen in the teaching room (screen 2) so that attendees can see it. 
  6. If you are using Panopto to record your session, select Capture Second Screen so the mobile device is recorded. 
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