How do I connect a mobile device to a teaching machine wirelessly using AirServer? (Staff)

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AirServer allows you to connect your Android or iOS device to teaching machines wirelessly.

Install and practice using the app prior to lecture

  • Install the AirServer Connect for Apple TV app on your mobile device.
    • Google Play 
    • Apple App Store 
    • You can use any app on your device while teaching; you are not limited to PowerPoint.
    • To use PowerPoint, copy your PowerPoint file to your mobile device and test it using the free PowerPoint app. You may find that you need to make some adjustments to font size, depending on how your original PowerPoint was formatted. 
  • Connect AirServer to a teaching machine so that you can put in your password and make sure you are comfortable using it. Your device will store the password, so you only need to enter it once. Contact the E-learning Group on for the password. 
  • Practice using AirServer until you feel comfortable using it in the classroom. 

Start a lecture

  • On the teaching computer:
    • Start Panopto as normal
    • Click the AirServer icon in the lower-right-hand corner of the screen (please note that it may take a few moments to appear).

AirServer icon on desktop computer

    • Click QR code for AirServer Connect
  • On your mobile device:
    • Make sure that WiFi on your device is turned on and that you are connected to eduroam.
    • Open the AirServer Connect app.
    • If using an Android device: Click the Scan QR code button in the upper right-hand corner. Scan the QR code to make a wireless connection between your device and the teaching computer. Click OK and enter the password if prompted.

Scan QR code button on Android device

    • If using an iOS (Apple) device: Slide up on from bottom on the iOS device to bring up the airplay menu in the system tray. Select the teaching PC as an output and activate 'mirroring'. Enter the password.
    • Bring up whatever you wish to share on your mobile device.
  • On the teaching computer:
    • Use the Panopto keyboard shortcuts to start or pause the recording:
      • F8 key begin recording
      • F9 key pause recording
    • Whatever is showing on the screen will be transmitted through the data projection and captured in Panopto.

End a lecture

  • Use the Panopto keyboard shortcut to stop recording
    • F10 key stop recording
  • Either close the app on your device or swipe down and click Disconnect.


To maximise the mirror image from your device, enable screen rotation and lock your device in landscape mode. If you find that AirServer is not projecting at full-screen, click View / Full-screen. You can also maximize the AirServer window. To move out of full-screen mode, press the key.

For security purposes, you may wish to hide the QR code from students so that they don’t try to connect their own devices to the computer during lecture. You need to do this both for data projection and also in Panopto lecture recording:

  • Data projection: Press the Mute button on the console to block data projection during the time the QR code is visible on the teaching machine. Please note that this may work differently on various teaching machines. 
  • Lecture recording: Start the Panopto recording after you have connected through AirServer and stop the recording before you disconnect from AirServer.

We suggest that you turn off notifications on your mobile device and consider using a screen that is dedicated to AirServer, rather than one that shows your email or calendar by default, in order to avoid sharing personal information with your students.

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