How do I use and manage my PAU domain laptop?

Before you leave campus

  • Turn the laptop on
  • Connect to eduroam before you login to the laptop, using the WiFi icon in the bottom right
  • Login to the laptop with your AU username and password
  • Open the Software Centre and install any software you need ( Where can I find the Software Centre on my AU staff computer? )
  • Install VPN and set up Multi Factor Authentication if you're going to use the laptop off campus ( How do I set up GlobalProtect VPN? )
  • Open every program you will be using and check that it works

General maintenance

  • Bring the laptop onto campus at least once every 90 days. If you will be away for longer, tell Information Services ( How do I contact Informaton Services? ). Being away for longer than 90 days may cause issues with software licenses, and you may want to discuss what to do if you need administrator access.
  • Before going on long field trips:
    • Test VPN works. It will not work if you are connected to eduroam, so test it off campus or while connect to WiFi_Guest ( How do I connect to The Cloud wireless service? )
    • Test all programs off campus
    • Run any Windows Updates that are pending

Further things to consider

  • When you change your AU password:
  • Connect to eduroam BEFORE you login to the laptop
    • Log in to the laptop with your new password
    • This will update the cached password on the laptop so can login off-campus
  • If you want to install any software not included in the Software Centre you will need to request a temporary admin password. Contact Information Services stating the computer name and the name of the software you want to install ( How do I find the name of my computer? )
  • If software reports licensing issues bring the laptop onto campus
  • If you are taking the laptop on a long trip please contact Information Services to check if there is anything you need to do before leaving
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