How can I make my Microsoft Teams meeting secure?

Microsoft Teams does not allow you to schedule a meeting in a private channel.

To arrange a confidential meeting you should:

  • First begin by creating a private channel:
    • Click on the Team which contains the users you wish to have a private meeting with.
    • Click the 3 dots next to the team name and select Add Channel
    • Name the meeting appropriately and select the Private
  • Next click on the new private channel you created and add the correct users with the Add Members option.
  • Click on the new private channel and select Meet in the top right hand corner and open a meeting to copy the meeting invite link (instructions below)

    • In the meeting select Participants page and select Share invite and then Copy meeting link.
  • Once you have the meeting link go to your Outlook calendar, create a Private meeting and invite the correct users you wish to join
  • For web version of outlook use :
  • For Outlook application use :

  • Select Response options from the meeting toolbar.
  • Select Allow forwarding to remove the checkmark.

  • Paste the Invite link in the description or the message of the meeting
  • Make sure that all attendees are aware of the confidential nature of the meeting and the importance of not making the join link available to others.
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