How do I respond to a poll in Vevox? (Students)

You can go to in your web browser, either on your phone, laptop or tablet. Or you can download the Vevox app from your app store. Once you are on, you will need to enter the 9-digit Session ID that will be given to you by the person running the session. You do not need to sign up for an account to participate. 

The polls will automatically appear on your phone/laptop/tablet when the presenter opens each poll. It will then ask you to submit your answer. Select your relevant choice. There will be an instruction on your screen to tell you: 

  • if your answer was submitted automatically, 
  • if you need to press 'Send' to submit your answer or
  • if you want to change the answer press the clear button. 

If your presenter has attached a Vevox Session to a MS Teams meeting, you can respond directly in the Teams meeting. (How do I do that?

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