How do I use the advanced features when viewing a scanned chapter/article in Aspire?

Viewing a scanned chapter or article on an Aspire reading list

When you see the View Online option against a chapter or article in an Aspire reading list, once logged in via your Shibboleth credentials you will be taken directly into the extract via a reader called Kortext which allows you to read, print and download to PDF. 

To use any of the advanced features, you will need to create a free account to log in. (How do I do that?

Advanced features of the reader:

  • Highlighting
  • Creating notes
  • Exporting references
  • Bookmarking
  • remember your page for you to continue reading from there 


  • Go to the relevant reading list in Aspire
  • Find the scanned extract you wish to read/use the advanced features
  • Click View Online
  • The extract will open in the reader
  • Click Sign in to Kortext 


You will now be able to use th advanced features


You can highlight sections using a range of colours. These will be remembered when you return to the document. 


Create note

After highlighting text, you can also Create a note. This can also be highlighted, and the note shared to emails or your One Drive. Click 'Save' to save the note.


Export reference

You can also export a reference to Refworks or Endnote. This is also available under the highlight options as well as on the left hand-side menu bar.



You can bookmark pages using the bookmark symbol on the slider at the bottom of the page. The icon will change from clear / white to purple when the page is bookmarked.

You can find previous bookmarks on the bookmark tab to get to them at any point. The slider will also give you the option to return to your most recently bookmarked page. The advanced feature reader will remember where you left off and allow you to continue reading from there, instead of re-finding your page. 



If you cannot access the scan and just have the Kortext waiting message or a blank screen, ensure that your Cookies are not being blocked.

If this does not resolve the issue, contact the Digitisation Team 

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