How do I access a document on my USB drive?

We recommend that you do not open documents directly from your USB drive but copy them to the hard drive of the computer you are sitting at. You should then copy them back to your USB drive before logging off:

  • Plug in your USB drive (If you are using a staff workstation, you will be prompted to encrypt your device. If you do not wish to, your files will be restricted to Read-Only)
  • Click on Start and then click on Computer (for Windows 8 click Start and search for Computer )
  • You will see your USB drive under Devices with Removable Storage
  • Double click your USB drive to open it
  • You should now see your files saved on your USB drive
  • Right click on your file
  • Choose Copy from the menu which appears
  • Browse to the Documents folder on your computer
  • Right click on your Documents folder and choose Paste from the menu which appears
  • A copy of your file is now saved onto the computer
  • Double click on your file to open it
  • Save it to the Documents folder as you work
  • Copy it back to your pen drive before you logoff (How do I do that?)
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