How do I use Vevox with Microsoft Teams? (Staff)

To use Vevox’s integration with Teams, you must ensure that the relevant Vevox Session is active. (How do I do that?). 

Open the Teams meeting you wish to add Vevox to in your Teams app. Click the plus sign of the meeting’s application bar. 

An image showing an arrow pointing at the plus sign in Teams used to add applications.

Search for Vevox in the grey search bar to the right, then click on the Vevox icon when it appears. 

An image showing the

Click ‘Add’.

An image showing an arrow pointing at the Add button for the Vevox Teams integration.

You must now add an active Session by entering the 9-digit Session ID. The Vevox  app for Teams will automatically check if your code is valid. If your Session is  inactive, the code will not be valid, and you cannot proceed. 

Once your code has been confirmed as valid, click 'Save'. 

An image showing the

You will then see a preview like the one below to confirm that you have attached a  Vevox Session to your Teams meeting. If you add the wrong Vevox Session to Teams, you can remove or change it as needed. (How do I do that?) 

An image showing the participants' preview screen in Teams.

Once you have started the Teams meeting that you attached Vevox to, you will now  see the Vevox icon in the menu bar at the top of your call window. 

An image showing how the Vevox icon appears in a Teams meeting once Vevox has been added.

The Vevox window appears just like the Participants List and the Teams Chat when  you click on the Vevox icon in the Teams menu bar. 

An image showing how the Vevox tab will appear to participants in Teams.

From here, participants can navigate to the Q&A section, and answer any live polls or surveys. Poll results will appear in the poll tab within the Vevox window once you have closed a Poll. 

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