I am having problems accessing e-resources off campus, what should I do?

Instructions and advice are provided to help you access AU-subscribed electronic resources e.g. e-books, journals, databases, when you are off campus. If you are still unable to access an e-resource, please follow this troubleshooter.

  • Ensure that web browsing via your computer is working correctly by visiting a couple of websites outside Aberystwyth University

  • Check if there is any scheduled maintenance or unscheduled downtime reported which may be affecting the AU web service or the resource provider ( How do I do that? )

  • Ensure that you have installed and run VPN successfully ( you can check this here )

  • Ensure you have signed in to Primo (How can I tell if I'm signed into Primo?)

Access requirements

  • It is essential that you check for and follow any access requirements particular to the resource you want to use. This FAQ explains where to find the custom off-campus advice provided when accessing different resources and how to follow it

  • If you have entered a resource and a message is displayed indicating that you are not permitted to view the content, or you are asked to pay for the content, look out for one of the following

    • Shibboleth login

    • UK Access Federation login

    • Institution login

    • Aberystwyth University login

    Click on one of these and follow the instructions. You may need to

    • select UK Federation from one menu and Aberystwyth University from another if prompted to do so

    • select the resource you wish to view by choosing it from a list of resources provided by the online publisher

    • browse the full holding of a journal to find an individual article (use the volume, issue and pages information in the article record you have clicked from)


  • If you have opened an online journal and you browse to an article which you find is not available, ensure that Aberystwyth University has a subscription to that article by finding the journal in Primo , clicking on View Online and checking that the article is within the range of publication dates subscribed to. We may not have access to the full text of the entire run of the journal e.g. in this case we have from 2002 onwards:

journal date range

FYI You can use E-journals A-Z link in Primo to search for just online journals. Browse or search for the journal you want to view and then click on the @aber button. The dialogue box that appears on-screen displays off campus access advice and the date range provided.

  • If you are using the A-Z of Electronic Information Resources and you fail to log in with your Aberystwyth University username and password when prompted to do so after clicking on a resource with an F button to the right of it, investigate and report as if you are having problems signing into Primo

Print alternatives

  • The presence of a Find & Request tab in a journal record in Primo indicates we have the journal in print. A link to the National Library of Wales catalogue is also provided in the View Online tab so you can search their catalogue for a print subscription.


If you still cannot access the resource you need please report the problem: e-mail: ejournals@aber.ac.uk telephone: 01970 62 1892 with the following information

  • which e-journal or other resource you were trying to access
  • the date and time you tried to connect
  • the error message you received (if any)
  • whether you are using dial up, broadband or are on another network (e.g. at work)
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